7 Merry Ways for you to Say ‘Happy Holidays’ and Increase Sales too

It’s the hap-hap-happiest season of all …

Let’s face it, in North America holiday shopping is basically what keeps our economy going.

How important is holiday shopping? Take a look at these figures showing holiday sales as a percentage of annual sales by sector:

Christmas stats marketing

(via: Statista)


If you’re a shopkeeper reading up on marketing techniques to increase revenue, keep calm and try not to succumb to holiday stress by throwing your hands up in the air, taking to the rum and eggnog, or having a meltdown like Chevy Chase on Christmas Vacation.

Our gift to you this year is the following list of 7 merry ways for stores to get shoppers more in the holiday spirit and increase holiday sales.

1.) Holiday Marketing Campaigns

Retail store owners have traditionally seen an increase in their sales this time of year, but with an ever-changing landscape of retail shopping due to the rise in popularity of online and mobile shopping, shopkeepers must go beyond simply offering store sales and discounts when planning their holiday marketing strategies.

While it’s great to offer customers discounts, coupons, sales & specials, embracing more multi-channel marketing techniques is definitely something to consider.

According to a recent survey, 71% of shoppers who use mobile apps browse products online, then physically go to the store to make their purchases. If your store doesn’t have an app or your products aren’t online, holiday shoppers might not be aware of your inventory or specials and might miss out altogether.

As a retail store owner, decide which holidays are most relevant to your business and plan your holiday marketing campaign around those days. It’s important to understand your market, so you know what audience to target your ads toward and which dates correspond accordingly.


Admail, flyers, catalogues, postcards, and brochures are all things Henderson Printing are able to help with. For more information contact us today for a free consultation.


2.) Email Marketing & eCatalogues


If your business doesn’t have an online store, multi-channel marketing allows for holiday shoppers to browse either online or at home and then make their purchases in-store.


If you decide to advertise online, consider the following:

A recent study by Custora found that email marketing, third only behind online search (organic and paid), was a dominant marketing channel in 2014 accounting for 17.7% of online eCommerce orders, nearly 10x that of all social media combined.

Seeing as how social media campaigns seem to be the preferred tactic among small and medium-sized businesses, you might want to consider devising a more effective strategy. But remember, direct marketing (such as traditional admail) still accounted for a higher percentage than both coming in at 24.9%.



Keeping with online browsing and email marketing stats, eCatalogues are something your business might also want to consider.

Although it might seem catalogues may be falling by the wayside or going the same route as phone books and newspapers, imagine recapturing the enthusiasm people once had for catalogue shopping.


eCatalogues are a great way to showcase your products. Plus, it makes little sense not to repurpose the successful marketing techniques of yesteryear re-presented in a shiny new gift wrap of nostalgia.


If you’re a do-it-yourself business owner with a knack for design or are familiar with programs like InDesign and Photoshop, you might like to create your own catalogue. But if not, have no worries, you can always hire us to create one for you.

Once you have your eCatalogue, distribute it as you please. Throw a link up to it on your website or distribute it to your mailing list in the form of a PDF, and watch sales increase.

If you do decide to go this avenue, just remember (if you haven’t done so already), to start keeping a database of your customers to build mailing list in advance.


3.) Free Holiday Gifts

Who doesn’t like receiving gifts? Especially during the holidays.

Free calendars, gift certificates, and inventory items (such as apparel) for shoppers are all wonderful promotional ideas, either with purchase or in-store.


Check out Henderson Printing’s marketing materials section, or design your own and have them shipped right to your door.


4.) Create Holiday Gift Cards


If you’re anything like the majority of other holiday shoppers, you never know what to get anyone, always procrastinate, and leave everything to last minute.


As of August 2015 these are the most popular holiday gift items consumers plan to shop for in Canada this season:


(via: Statista)


Offering gift cards for sale in your store can help satisfy this demand, as well as appeal to a large demographic of holiday shoppers. Stylize gift cards with festive designs and notify customers in your marketing campaigns (both online & print) to let shoppers know your store now offers gift cards.

For more information on adding gift certificates to your marketing materials, contact us today for a free consultation.

5.) Offer to Gift Wrap Customer’s Purchases


Save your customers valuable time and make extra cash by offering to wrap their  purchases.

Wrapping paper and ribbons not only inspire gift giving, but if you buy your supplies on a budget such as at a store like Dollarama, can be offered rather frugally on your part as well. Plus, it helps out the ones who are entirely unable to wrap presents.

Have the option available at the cash and ask each customer.


6.) Decorate Your Store

Making your retail store (not to mention online store or website) look festive is one sure way to get shoppers in the door.

Nothing says Christmas like beautiful decorations, and if your store is nicely decorated customers are more likely to want to do their shopping there. You can decorate rather inexpensively if you shop at discount stores and use your imagination.

Put on your favourite Christmas album. Have a model train set at home? Try to incorporate that somehow. Make it all about the atmosphere.

Look for ideas on Etsy, Pinterest, and other arts & crafts websites as well.


7.) Host Special Holiday Events

Throw a Christmas party, shindig, or box social. Hot cocoa and marshmallows. Have a parade, or build your own version of Santa’s Workshop.

It’s the holidays! Get creative, have fun. Most importantly, get shoppers together and give something valuable back to your community. Good tidings and cheer for all to be had.

In need of help implementing any of the above or not exactly sure how? Contact us today for a free consultation.