3 Reasons you need an SSL Certificate for your website

The question we’ve been asked a lot lately is whether or not every website needs an SSL certificate.

green lock securityThe urgency is definitely picking up and soon every reputable online presence will be secured with that soon-to-be-familiar green lock icon beside the address bar.  The classic http protocol will be replaced with https and if you’re not on board then questions will arise.

In short, we really do see the need for everyone getting on board. Here’s why:

1. Added security leads to credibility

Any added security tells your website user that you are doing your due diligence in keeping their information protected. Since it is very easy for even the most tech-savvy individual to get caught up in hacking or identity theft, why risk sending any message that will scare your customers or clients away from your website?

2. Protect passwords and logins for internal staff

Many organizations that we work with have secure member areas of their sites where information is shared that is meant only for internal use. Adding SSL will further encrypt any data that’s filled out via forms, calendars, and interactive modules where information is shared.

3. Rankings with Google and other search engines

This is the reality that Google has been trying to communicate for a while now. All un-encrypted websites will be flagged as ‘Unsafe’ and if you’re not, then you will see a slight drop in your ranking. All the way back in 2014, Google indicated that HTTPS would be a ranking signal, giving a small rankings boost with sites that are SSL and with the added pressure that they are putting on everyone in 2017, it doesn’t take much to finally see the value in getting on board.

It’s time to take the steps necessary and give your website that green lock of security!

You can visit our SSL Certificates page here to get started and request yours today.