In The Dark, You Need to Know Who to Trust

brockville tunnel

Digital Marketing can feel like a dark tunnel that every business is asked to walk through.

The challenge doesn't become whether or not you're going to do it. Now that 2016 is here, the question becomes, who are you going to trust to help get you through, into the light?

My thought is this:

Don't just assume that the person with the biggest flashlight knows how to use it.

When you are walking in the dark you want to find the person near you who has the biggest and brightest flashlight. But what if all they end do is shine the light on themselves? Or worse, what if they shine it in your eyes, blinding you from the facts? Then they're just having fun with you.

This ever-changing industry of Digital Marketing has a lot of talkers, a lot of "experts" who want to tell you how much they know. They like to impress you with current trends they think they know and can discuss the technology in a way that enlightens, but actually confuses you.

In reality, if you want to get through this Digital Marketing tunnel successfully, find someone who knows where to point the flashlight so that you can be sure you're taking the right steps. Someone who's willing to walk with you.

That's something we at Henderson Web Solutions are passionate about doing. We've been in this tunnel for a while now and have some interesting experiences we can share with you. So let's have a conversation.

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